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Nuru Massage

The  famous Japanese Nuru and Soapy treatment.Butterfly Bangkok Nuru massage is a supremely erotic experience in which your Goddess will take you to heightened, sensual frontiers. It is an incredibly intimate massage during which you may bond deeply with your Goddess. Together you will discover a carnal yet spiritual essence deep within as Nuru is the ultimate body to body massage.

The Nori gel is made from a kind of deep seaweed (Nori) and is tasteless, odorless, transparent, extremely slippery and smooth. The gel is cool when applied to the skin, when getting a nuru massage  the sexy masseuse will be naked and use her whole body rubs the body of the client with the nuru gel and slides on it for a sensual body to body massage..


Four Hand Massage

Our Four hands massage is performed by two Goddesses. A similar experience such as the Tantric or Body to Body massage, only with twice the effect, and twice pleasure! A truly calming and enlightening experience of four heavenly hands, twenty fingers massaging your body and soul into Tantric ecstasy.
Receiving a sensual massage at the hands of two beautiful women is the ultimate luxury. Whether you deserve this attention because of the hard work/stress you’ve been under, or simply because you want to treat yourself on a spiritual level. Having an erotic massage with two ladies will certainly leave you reinvigorated and spiritually calm, ready to take on the world again. Four hands massage is Heaven on earth, simply put.

Body to Body Slider

Massage is an excellent therapy for eliminating the aches, pains and stresses of modern day living.Now experience the ancient art of massage with the excitement of full body to body slides.
A beautiful lady sliding over you, naked body to naked body creates an intense intimacy that is extremely erotic.  As the healing energy works to stimulate and revitalize you will experience ever increasing sexual pleasure culminating in a mind blowing release as you reach your very happy ending.

Erotic Massage Out call

We perform our massages in your Bangkok hotel room, you will enjoy them to a physical, mental and energetic level. Our masseuses are experts and professionals in the art of massaging. If you have any fantasy that does not appear in our list of massages, just let us know, we want your experience to be unique and unforgettable…

An erotic massage is one of the most pleasurable and relaxing massages you will ever receive. The gentle and sensual touch of one of our goddesses will send waves of pure ecstasy throughout your body. Your mind will be put to ease and your soul will feel more alive than it ever has.

Imagine a picture perfect atmosphere; one of the most beautiful women, a dim room and scented candles. Now imagine every inch of your body being caressed by the beautiful woman. With every sensual stroke, every soothing touch, imagine every worry, tension and pain in your body vanishing.

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Tantric Massage

What is Tantric Massage/Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage will make you feel as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.

Our massage service aids the body in its healing process by itself, it also provides health benefits and improves the well-being. Touch is an important aspect of human contact, and massage is one of the oldest and simplest form of therapy.

Experiencing tantric massage will give you an experience as though you are in a rapture, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.